Vlisco unfolds its design story during DDW 2013

Vlisco, the unique textile and design company from Helmond, is to participate in the twelfth edition of Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven from Oct. 19 through Oct. 27. ´Vlisco Unfolded´ will be presented in IGLUU: where it will create an environment in which an impressive show and an extensive programme of Design Dialogues introduce the visitors to a company that is on the threshold of a new era.


Vlisco Unfolded

With ´Vlisco Unfolded´, Vlisco opens its doors to the public. The 167-year-old company will show a new range of products and give an insight into the arts and crafts based innovative production methods through which Vlisco has developed into an international design and fashion brand. The rich history of the company is highlighted by means of various stories about fabrics and designs, merchants and consumers.


Vlisco Design Dialogues

New stories are given space during the programme ´Vlisco Design Dialogues´. Under this heading, Vlisco will enter into dialogue with keynote speakers from the international fashion and design community.



Hans Ouwendijk, CEO Vlisco Group: ´Vlisco is currently going through a process of transformation. The company is developing from a production-oriented enterprise into a lifestyle and design house. Our vision therefore has an entirely external focus: for our innovation projects we are not only constantly seeking partnerships with the world of design, we also want to emphasise during DDW our unique relationship with the Eindhoven region´.


Roger Gerards, Creative Director Vlisco: ´During Dutch Design Week, we want to show that our textile image and our production methods are unique. We have an extensive archive of historical heritage and an exciting future with new products. We want to show Brabant, the Netherlands and the international DDW audience who we are and what kind of future we envision. We want people to experience the magic that we experience at Vlisco´.


More information:  www.ddw.nl