Vlisco is Finalist for the 2015 Dutch Marketing Awards

“We connect and inspire the world through design, inspired by Africa, committed to Africa, catalyzing African pride.”

Amstelveen, 10 March 2015 – Vlisco is one of the three finalists, alongside The Rijksmuseum and The Bijenkorf, for the 2015 Dutch Marketing Award in the Dutch Marketing Company category. This has just been revealed by the jury which is chaired by Rupert Parker Brady. The actual winner will be announced on 19 March during The Dutch Marketing Awards Ceremony in Amsterdam.

Paul Moers RM, member of the Marketing Company jury: “These three finalists all have a number of common factors. They have demonstrated their expertise in business management and with that they dare to enter a new age. Furthermore, they are extremely successful in their activities and have therefore achieved growth. Finally they all have unique proficiencies and are difficult to copy.”

The Vlisco Group facilitates African Fashion: ‘From cotton to couture’. African Fashion represents a unique form of co-creation in which unicity, self-expression and cultural significance are central. Continuous consumer research, based on ethnographic research methods among others, gives the fashion company with roots in Africa valuable insights into this unique fashion system, so from their brand portfolio the group can offer meaningful solutions to everyone in the African Fashion industry. Adding value and creating consumer demand underpin every solution; creation, connection and integration are the drivers behind Vlisco’s innovative marketing strategy.

Take as example the education initiatives set up by the Vlisco Group, such as the ‘Vlisco Tailor Academy’ and the ‘Vlisco Fashion Fund’, whose aim is to facilitate the upward mobility of start-up fashion designers and tailors in West-Africa: by creating opportunities for this talent and by linking these initiatives to its own business activities, the Vlisco Group facilitates Africa’s creative potential and guides with these and other collaborations a sustainable and integrated business model throughout the African Fashion value chain.

More information about the awards themselves and the prize ceremony can be found at www.dutchmarketingawards.nl.

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The Dutch Marketing Awards are organized by NIMA and the Adfo Group, in collaboration with PIM, MEC and the Netherlands Marketing Association.