7 APRIL 2015 – This season, we continue our brand campaign focussing on the intimate relationship between mothers and daughters.

For over 160 years, Vlisco has been the very fabric of life for many African women, present at all the special moments throughout life. Present for every moment you want to look your best; for every milestone you want to celebrate.

Every mother who is blessed with a daughter passes on her love of live and wisdom, including her love for our fabrics. With this campaign we hope to touch your heart and remind that no matter what age you’re never to young to learn about the beauty of Vlisco.

Today, we also launched our new collection FEEL. This season, our designers were inspired by Bohemian chic and folklore from around the globe. This wordly eclectism is both nostalgic and modern in its feeling, reflecting influences from Mexico, India, Indonesia, America, Romania and obviously Africa, with its stylish women and vibrant, expressive colours.

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Mother’s Day. Our mothers, sisters and aunts have passed on their wisdom, knowledge and traditions to us and shared their love of the true original, Vlisco. Now it’s time to give something in return. A truly unique gift, like authentic Vlisco. You’ll receive a stylish cotton silk Vlisco scarf with your purchase. Keep an eye on the Vlisco Newsletter for the details of this promotion. Offer valid in selected Boutiques and through our Online Store (from week 16 – whilst stocks last).

Limited Editions. Whilst delving into the original sketches and drawings in the archives, we rediscovered a classic design with decorative forms and detailed florals, which lent itself perfectly to this FEEL season. To pay tribute to this original work of art, we embellished it with a flurry of gold for a touch of extra sophistication. We also added some purple and gold shimmer to a few of the already lavishly decorated new FEEL designs, ensuring you sparkle even more during your magical fashion moments.

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Wedding offer. The exclusive quality and expressive designs of our fabrics have made them a beloved part of numerous traditions in many African countries. This wedding season, we introduce the special Wedding offer, with various free gifts to spoil friends, family and guests on your special day. Keep an eye on the Vlisco Newsletter and discover the Wedding offer in your Vlisco Boutique, participating points of sale and in our Online Store (from week 20).

Super-wax capsule collection. The new FEEL Super-wax capsule collection features ultra-feminine fabrics in floral prints and new interpretations of classic designs. To celebrate femininity, we created a new, elegant olive green colour. Because what could be more feminine than the colour of Mother Nature herself? The new Superwax capsule collection fabrics are perfect to celebrate all upcoming important events, holidays and festivities. Keep an eye on the latest Vlisco Newsletter in your country or online for the details of this launch (from June 1, 2015).