Dare to be different.

21 JULI 2014 – Today, we launch our new collection: Fantasia – where eclectic colours play with geometrical, floral and object designs. From all this, daring new fashion styles can be crafted.

The Fantasia Campaign.
This season we inspire women to bend, shake and break the rules of fashion and create edgy new statements – to unleash their inner spirit and dazzle the world. We invite them to embrace the unknown and dare to be different. Whether it’s sophisticated or courageous, sensual or playful, we give them the freedom to create original, unexpected fashion statements.

Daring fashion inspiration.
We tempt women to be playful, shake off the norm and masquerade as someone new. Our aim is to inspire women to embrace new styles by mixing and matching fabrics in wonderful and surprising combinations – creating original fashion statements again and again.

Black and White fabrics.
This is wildly new to us as vibrant colours normally define all their fabrics. This season’s Black & White designs provide contrast in any statement look — a confident streak of its own, ready to define any extravagant look you have in mind.

New 2 & 4 yard fabric lengths.
For the very first time, we release our collection fabrics in shorter lengths of 2 & 4 yards. Little gems for fashion. Now it’s even easier to mix and match designs to create your own genuine fashion statement. Exclusively available here and at Vlisco Boutiques.

New online Look Book.
We invite women to discover even more inspiration by visiting our new online look book or our Facebook page where you’ll find videos and pictures of all fashion inspirations from different angles. What’s more, there will be styling tips and detailed pictures of fashions so you can have a really close up look. And there’s even a useful PDF feature for the looks so you can print out each one and take it to their tailor.