BLOOM collection in five new powdery colours

14 April 2014 – We have created five delicate new powder colours for a season full of floral designs. These pretty colours make the whole collection blossom with elegance. This season, we share our admiration for the silent power and splendour of flowers and the vibrant women who wear them with such grace. Even the pattern, which is normally indigo, is now applied in bordeaux, adding more warmth and depth to the fabrics.

Pretty powder colours

The new, sugary colours are truly unique: candyfloss, mint green, baby blue, lovely lilac and orange lolly. Even the classic designs are dipped in these new colours which makes them blossom into life. They seem younger, fresher and prettier than ever.

Memorable moments

Our fabrics inspire West and Central African women for decades. With our latest collection of textiles, we want to suit every mood and moment of our consumers. From a girl’s very first date to the day she attends her daughter’s wedding, and beyond – we are there for every important event in a woman’s life. This collection commemorates all the memorable moments and colourful adventures that make them become the remarkable woman they are today.

Pretty details

The collection features a number of Limited Editions with beautiful golden embellishments. These special occasion fabrics are ideal for weddings, galas, parties and other celebrations.

Fresh new silhouettes

Our latest fashion inspiration is a metaphor for feminine florals both tailored and also full and blossoming. There’s something to suit every mood and moment; whether heading to a meeting, a wedding, an event, a date or a cocktail party. The fashion inspiration can be seen at

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