6 OCTOBER 2014 – Today, we launched our new collection: ‘Splendeur’ – layer after layer of opulence, grandeur and feminine drama. With this season’s fabric collection, women can become a vision of sophistication and pure splendour.

The Splendeur Campaign. This season Vlisco speaks to every woman who wants to dress like a glamorous movie diva. Whether she’s going to a ball, a party or just a romantic dinner, she will dazzle in the limelight. ‘Splendeur’ gives women the freedom to create an outfit that says so much about their glamorous spirit – encouraging them to make a dramatic entrance.

Embellished fashion inspiration. Extravagant embellishment is the spark for so many of our sartorial fashion inspirations this season. There are petit sequins, pearlescent beads and hand-sculpted jewellery created by cutting out the ornamental forms in their fabrics – all of which enhance, empower and compliment the fabrics.

Colour couture. The rich colours and bohemian nature of the Art Deco era was a key inspiration for our colour house, together with the fascinating properties of velvet and opulent jewels. The richness, confidence and beauty of each has been skilfully distilled into every design.

Collaboration with Lanre da Silva. As a famous fashion designer from Nigeria and beyond, Lanre’s style is rich in femininity, using a multitude of embellishments – the perfect match for this season’s ’Splendeur’ concept. It’s why we invited her to craft a glamorous garment for the campaign from their shimmering gold Limited Edition fabric. She also designed an unforgettable festive dress that people can win.