28 April 2015 – We proudly present the 6 new Vlisco Ambassadors for the year 2015. Those inspirational women from Ghana, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have won the Vlisco Women’s Month Award. During the whole month of March, we honoured the outstanding achievements of West and Central African women with Vlisco Women’s Month by identifying and rewarding those who inspire others to realize their dreams. The ambassadors will play an important role in various Vlisco brand activities throughout the year and, more important, they will further inspire women in their country via activities in and outside their network.

Overview winners 2015
The Vlisco Ambassadors for the year of 2015 are:

Yao Euphrasie from Ivory Coast
UNESCO Chair holder and Coordinator of the Compendium des Compétences Féminines de Côte d’Ivoire [Compendium of Ivory Coast Women’s Skills]
Yao created, among others, the pilot project on the involvement of rural women leaders in the management of improved village hydraulic pumps.


Chantal Tchiakpe from Benin
Chantal Sylvie Tchiakpe is President and founder of the NGO OASIS DU BONHEUR [Oasis of Happiness], and initiator of the “Restaurants du bonheur” [Restaurants of Happiness] in Benin for people in need.


Akande Dotun from Nigeria
Akande Dotun is the Founder and Proprietress of Patrick Speech and Languages Centre for individuals living with autism and advocates for early intervention of same.


Sarah Lusenge Nziavake from the Democratic Republic of Congo
Sarah Lusenge is the female judge coordinator and secretary of the civil society in the far North and attorney for the SADD ASBL council.


Elizabeth Akua-Nyarko Patterson from Ghana
Elizabeth is the founder and executive director of the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, a foundation that provides academic and financial support for girls including applicants with special needs.


Mimi Bossou-Soedjede from Togo
Ms Mimi Essivi Bossou-Soedjede created the Maison des jeunes-La Maison TV5 Monde [Youth House-TV5 World House] to devote herself to her passion: Acting for the education and training of young people.


Follow the winners
As an Ambassador of Vlisco she will represent our brand in public events, play an important role in various brand activities throughout the year and most importantly she will further inspire women in her country via (social) activities in and outside her network. Her first international activity will take place this June, when she will be travelling to the Netherlands with her colleague Ambassadors for an intensive 3-day trip where the ambassadors will be learning more about our products and brand, visit the factory in Helmond, get various workshops about women empowerment and discover the Netherlands. Via our website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter etc.) you can follow the ambassadors and their activities throughout the year. Make sure you regularly check Vlisco online to keep on track with the ambassadors and their inspiring stories.